AISIN Celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day 2015Aisin takes great PRIDE in maintaining environmental friendly plants and being 0 landfill. So it’s no surprise they come together to celebrate Earth Day in their unique Aisin way. This year on April 22, 2015, AMI, AEIL, & ALM planted two birch trees adjacent with the AIP’s wetland to diversify and expand natural habitat. The plants also joined forces on April 18 to host The 2015 Spring Aisin Mile Clean Up which had approximately 120 people in attendance. This is an event they host twice a year to clean up the trash along Route 13 and the areas around AMI, AEIL, and ALM which is considered the “Aisin Mile.” It is the perfect time to remind us all about our environmental responsibilities and doing our part to reduce, reuse, and recycle.