2017 Aisin Biggest Loser Competition

We just completed our 2017 Aisin Biggest Loser competition with 402 team members participating. The competition held bi-weekly activities that challenged team members to increase the amount of water they intake, increase mobility, watch portion size and include fresh fruits and vegetables, and ensure team members get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. A first and final weigh-in was held, and their weight was recorded.

Below are our winners- Special congratulations to Biggest Loser team “Two Roses & A Thorn” (Dixie Mataya, Lou Ann Hamby, & Patrick Mcray). They won 1st place for a Team of 3 over all Aisin North American plants. They’ll each be receiving a $200 cash prize per person.

Individual— 1st Wayne Waldrop, 2nd Rebecca Zaid, 3rd Tammy DeSpain

Team of 2— 1st Fun Size, 2nd Bulk Hogan & Nacho Man, 3rd Low Carb Barb

Team of 3— 1st Two Roses & A Thorn, 2nd Lose Yourself, 3rd The Chubby Bunnies

Team of 4— 1st A.S.A.P. (As Slim As Possible), 2nd The Shmediums, 3rd Annexation of Puerto Rico