Details - Production Engineer

Location: Aisin Light Metals
Date Posted: 09/18/2020

SUMMARY: This position will manage and provide technical leadership and support to manufacturing to ensure less downtime and greater efficiencies.
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Skills & Abilities Required:

  • ● Knowledge of automotive manufacturing.
  • ● Knowledge of the Toyota Production System and JIT.
  • ● Extrusion Engineering knowledge.
  • ● Excellent written communication skills.
  • ● Excellent time management skills.
  • ● Excellent cooperative personality.
  • ● Short term notice business travel.
  • ● Overseas business travel.
  • ● Ability to interact well with coworkers.
  • ● Ability to lead "white board" discussions to chart and better understand ALM systems
  • ● Ability to work 2 shifts.
  • ● Ability to work weekends and holidays .
  • ● Ability to interact and work as a team at all levels of the organization.
  • ● Ability to understand, follow and implement posted work rules and company procedures.
  • ● Ability to accept constructive criticism and grow / change.
  • ● Ability to work with members from multi national backgrounds
  • ● Will perform other related tasks within the company are required by the Supervisor or Management.

Minimum Level of Preparation & Training Required:
● Bachelors degree in Engineering or related field.

● 5 years of prior applicable experience in manufacturing.

● Aluminum extrusion and machining experience desired.

● Automotive experience required.

● Valid passport for travel required for travel


  • ● Responsible for leading the reduction of unplanned downtime for mass production and new equipment.
  • ● Responsible for leading the continuous improvement for mass production and new equipment.
  • ● Responsible for leading the manufacturing feasibility of design changes and new designs.
  • ● Responsible for implement engineering changes based on drawing revisions along with maintaining
  • the most current drawings for each product
  • ● Responsible for waste reduction activities including overproduction, muda and non value-added work.
  • ● New Equipment Installation and Process Preparation including the creation of the schedule, PPP &
  • PPS, PFMEA, activities.
  • ● Responsible for Zero NG (No Go) activity - track all NG's with follow up of countermeasures.
  • ● Ensure that production rates and machine cycle times meeting company targets.
  • ● Ensure the on-time delivery of all equipment necessary to support new product launches.
  • ● Responsible for facility planning, procurement, and management.
  • ● Experience with equipment maintenance and repair (mechanical and electrical).
  • ● Develop and document training for manufacturing equipment and processes to ensure operators are
  • properly trained to produce product.
  • ● Develop and implement cost reduction and continuous improvement actions to build a quality
  • product at lowest possible cost.
  • ● Ensure plant and OSHA safety requirements, production utilization goals, and facilities support is met
  • through proper maintenance planning.
  • ● Coordinate with other departments to ensure EPA compliance
  • ● Responsible for meeting department budget.
  • ● Perform all duties in conformance to appropriate safety and security standards.
  • ● Will perform other reasonably related tasks within the Company as required by the Supervisor or Management.